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Electro Magnetic Clutch

The EMC.

The second back-up is accomplished by use of an EMC, or Electro Magnetic Clutch. The EMC consists of a few disks which will be pulled against each other. One set of these disks are equipped with wires. Whenever this set of disks gets power supplied to them, all disks will get connected together. Therefore connecting two axles on each side of the EMC which are aligned with each other.

No power, no connection.

In case this system malfunctions the result will be that: the concerned gimbal of the malfunctioning EMC will be able to move freely but also in principal uncontrollable. In reality, whenever this happens the permanent magnets, which are in fact mounded upon each gimbal, will also suffer power loss and go from inactive to active. Connecting the faulty gimbal to the static one. In comparisons to the first solution(no batteries installed), this time the power needed for indication is available. Therefore  the “EMC FAIL” indication will illuminate, indicating to the pilot something is wrong with one of the EMC’s, and so commanding the pilot to go back to the start position. Because of the opposite working principal of this system, “no power = no connection”, the result is a large increase of safety for both, pilot and machine.

The only way the EMC will malfunction is in case dirt gets inside. Because of the pollution factor, it’s build inside the EMDU to protect it from the outside environment. Furthermore an EMC is already massively used in all sorts of drive systems all over the world, and so, it’s widely tested and found very satisfactory.

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