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The Prototyping

On this page you the visitor will get the opportunity to follow at first hand the evolution of the SVS project progress (or lack there of). This will be done as much as possible with pictures and other didactic tools. So check out this page for regular up-dates. Enjoy!


After waiting 12 years for this moment the project finally gets started. After several weeks of looking for an easy way to be able to calculate the edge length  of the Pentagons and the Hexagons on the hand of only the circum-diameter of the finished truncated icosahedron, I succeeded with the use of Stella4D.

At first I tried to understand the different Laws and formulas, but after several weeks it became apparent that this was only nice to know. But much to difficult and time consuming.

So after a brief Google search for a program preferably free ware a stumbled across Stella4D. Nice and very easy to use, lots of possibilities, lots of measurement feedback. Perfect! After downloading and testing, the first calculations looked promising!

Only way to be sure this information given by this program was correct, was to build a try-out paper scale model of the Capsule. I started on the truncated icosahedron first. This will become the Capsule. First a try-out in paper to test the calculations. With succes!

Here you have from left to right: the try-out scale model in paper 1/6, our scale model, let's call him"Jull" for future reference, and the scale model in "glo-in-the-dark" used to test our calculations in Stella4D.

Circum-diameter = 33.34cm!


The circum-diameter versus Jull

NOTE: This is the largest measurement of the sphere! The inside will be smaller in relation to the thickness of the sphere wall.


20cm difference between Jull and the sphere's circum-diameter. Not much!

So till next up-date!


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