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About Simbuilder

I started my company called: www.simbuilder.be, on April 1, 2004. This happend after a discussion at a simulator forum with a couple guy's about the price of simulator parts, to be used by regular peoples with regular job's like you and I, and who are busy with a home project. After some snooping around on the net I was amazed and disappointed to admit that they were wright about the price. At first I started with the idea of a business in cheap simulator parts, but soon it was clear that this combination is the impossible one! Dees parts are such high value parts that we started first with aviation gadgets. With simulator parts to follow at a later stage maybe, when the business is booming enough and we can invest in a assorment of Sim parts. But that's not gone be soon.

Why start a company at that exact moment? Ain't it better to wait untill we have enouph money to buy and sell Sim parts? NO!

Why? Well, at the beginning of 2004 the Belgian Goverment stated during an interview on the news, that the nightflights at Brussels National Airport had to come to a stop, meaning that DHL World Wide Express was forced to leave Zaventem for good. This meant, DHL being my employer, I was about to loose my job. And maybe the chance, and financial input, to be able having a firm of my own, ever! Oké, I admit I overestimated the start-up cost from a firm. Now my firm has survived the moving from DHL to Liepzig on March 31, 2008. Asta la Vista, DHL! In the meantime I chanced jobs, and are still an airplane engineer, now for VLM Airlines near my home!

So, Simbuilder started in fact with only myself. I was busy with the start up of the business, oké maybe a rash decision. At first I did it all on my own, buying stock, delivery's, making reservations at meetings, building the infosite, etc. But this was to much work for one man alone. Shortly after I got married, my wife also participated in what now became our firm, and we both are busy making a success of our firm and we make a great team! I'm still take care of organizing the visits at airshows and meetings, which by the way, we're both attending at. Now she took care of the bookkeeping preparations, which was a huge lift of my shoulders.

All of this I did as a second profession, besides my main job working as an airplane mechanic. Yes sir, I been busy within aviation now for over 11 years now on the real stuff, and I like it a lot, well I actually still love it!I started in aviation  on May 6, 1996 at European Air Transport, since July 1, 2007 I work at VLM Airlines on the Fokker 50.

During the summer of 2005 my nephew entered the playfield of trade, first he started on internet with an online pilot shop. In a later stage he also participated at airshows and meetings, and with great success I may add! So as a normal conclusion of both my nephew and I the idea popped up to join our boots together. A try-out of this took place during the summer of 2007, where we joint forces in one mega boot! 8 meters long and 5 meter wide. But with each our own name. Oké now we had even more nice stuff to sell, now our boot offered pilot gear as well! But both our name's in one boot is asking for trouble! So we noticed, after a few discussions with several customers and each other we decided to go for only one name. But which one? Simbuilder or SmallCraftSolutions, or maybe a compleed new one?! Because of the fact that the simbuilder webshop did't sell almost anything I pulled the plug on it, because of this fact I decided to remove Simbuilder from the boot and place my online items on my nephew's online shop instead. And no longer www.simbuilder.be, but you will be able to find Simbuilder on the net off course! So if you need info about anything, you can still contact me or go to the info site. The selling is stopped since 2009! And info about aviation is for free.

See you all soon at your next visit!

Fly safe!

Over and out!

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