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The Hardware

One of the main parts of this project is finding the wright hardware for the job. Or like they always say; the wright stuff is half the job!! In this topic we’ll split up all the different parts of which the sim is build. Beginning with the part which is the most important, the “brain” that makes the connection between man and machine.

There for we are researching the use of Arduino Uno. This micro-controller board could be very suitable to connect the game controller to the machine. For the controller we are planning of using the Logitech G940 system. It has some small issues, but overall still a nice setup. As an alternative to the G940, we’re also looking in to the possibility to build our own controllers from scratch. This because of firmware issues with Logitech, and if these issues can’t be resolved we have to consider the homemade controller option. If we build the three control devices our self’s we can tailor it to the requirements and dimensions of the sim. And more importantly, sending data to the Arduino will be easier.

The Arduino Uno will be mounted in a box equipped with connectors at the outside, this to make the micro-controller “plug and play”. So in case the “brain” needs to be replaced, it becomes a 2-minute job.

For displaying the game we have a few options. Option one is a setup of three screens, preferably Sony. Or option two, a projector with a parabolic screen. The use of a virtual reality goggle is not taken in to consideration, because by using these devices the feeling of sitting in a real cockpit will be somewhat lost.

As the development continues there will follow update on this page.

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