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Simbuilder's Virtual Sphere or "S.V.S."

For some time now, since 1998, I've been busy on the research & development of a new type of Flight simulator. Something with the cockpit of the spacecraft like the one here below. The idea came in November of 1996 during a night session of playing Descent II and later on Descent_3D, which was linked on my television and surround sound system.

To top that experience I came up with the idea that it would be cool to be able to experience every motion during a mission in reality, inside a cockpit that would be able to turn around all three axis of movement (X,Y,Z) in 360į unlimited, to simulate the same freedom as inside the game!

The Pyro SE here above,

and the Pyro GL here below!!

On a later stage it became clear that other flight simulators and flight shooter games would also fit in this type of simulator. Like Facon 4.0 and other fighterplane simulator shooter games. Or space shooter games. Let's just say, all sim's for singel seater planes or space-craft. And even later I noticed there was a marked for it!

An example of the gimbal system in action!!

So, my objective is to operate the gimbal-system from INSIDE a cocoon-shaped cockpit that's placed in the center of the gimbal.


The cockpit will not be placed in the center like in the drawing here below, because then it's possible for you to experience G-forces during pitching up and down, and during left and right movement!

This drawing is one of the first ever made sketches. And already absolete. A projector was our first idea for image display, later on we were thinking of three LCD screens.

Also at that time we were still busy finding a good modular shape for the center capsule. In 2009 we stumbled over the Truncated icosahedron, or like most persons know it, a leather football!! Also known as a Bucky ball. It consists of pentagons and hexagons connected to each other. And by doing so, this ball is extremely strong! And itís modular build, there for itís possible to replace any section if damaged or modifications are to be conducted. 

The image here below shows the shape the center capsule will have. It's a "Truncated icosahedron" or also known as a "Buckyball". Named after it's developer, Mr Buckminster Fuller.

At first we will be busy building the sim only as a scale model, but with all the same functions. The reason we'll build a scale model of the sim are in fact very obvious!

1) space saving

2) money saving

3) a scale model can be controlled by the interface hard- and software in the same way as a real version!

Refering to the first data and calculations, the real version would be +/- 4 meters wide(!) or 13.12 feet, this means also that the building insides have to be even higher due to the fact that at the bottom and top you have to have space in between the gimbal and the ground & ceiling surfaces. Allowing the gimbal to turn around freely. This is to large, to begin with a prototype anyway.

But a lot of engineering has to be done yet! Calculation of all sorts have still to be made.

For example:

1) Calculating the right gear, DC motors, the gimbals, the bearings, etc.

2) When this is done, all the plans will be made.

3) Then all materials have to be found.

And a lot of questions are still unanswered! Like what kind of interface to us? EPIC? FSUIPC?.....So you see we still have a lot off work! Anyway, if you are interested to participate in this project, or you have (a) question(s) about this project you can mail us at:


Don't forget to mention in de title of that mail "SVS". So we are able to anser you. We ask this because of mailrobots, spamming and other bullsh*t!!!

P.S.: And for those among you who think that this is crazy and/or impossible! I included some example video's (here below) to show you that in fact it's already been done for both amusement park, as well as professional flight sim training! The big difference in between these sim's and the SVS project is the ability to use it;

WITHOUT a second person nor a "monitoring station"but all alone!! Safely!!!

Safety wise you can imagine what a big undertaking this really is.

Enjoy the video's!! ;-)

In the mean time update's will be published on this page.
(check the date on the bottom of the page)

Till next visit, FLY SAFE!

Simbuilder, OUT!!


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