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The Design

The design of something like this project is very complex and time consuming at the same time. The complexity increases even more when the funding is rather of a small scale. Thatís why the SVS project already took several years to design. Furthermore, the design, and the changes made during this process have effect on a lot of other tasks in the build of the sim. This depends upon the reason or motivation for this change.

  • Like there are: available free space, ergonometry, human biology.
  • other restrictions made by law like; noise reducing, vibration reducing,
    power consumption, safety systems, fire protection, g-force limitation.

Also the technical limitation both in hard- and software play a big roll, during the elapsed time since í98, the hard- and software available changed already a lot, causing the design therefore to be change several times also. I can use my well-founded technical baggage accumulated via the aviation courses I followed ever since the beginning of my professional life within the aviation. But still to my disappointment, my knowledge about a lot of systems and other items within this project are not sufficient by a long shot, and so they also have the need to be upgraded, and everyday Iím learning new stuff. This being said, you have a better awareness about the time it takes to design and build a sim like the SVS!

For the moment we know that Arduino will play a big roll in the operating and safety systems implemented within the system.

Safety is a big issue with the SVS! Because there will be now second person needed to operate this sim. This can only be accomplished by safety systems that take over this role. This will be done base upon Arduino Uno boards.

Dees boards will be pre-programmed and installed in LRU inclosure. The black boxes you know from airplanes. Every LRU will take care of his part of the system.

More to come very soon...

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