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Above is Zulu Time!!

A bit of history

It all began while I was working at the National Airport of Belgium on one of our Airbus’s A300-B4 Cargo. When suddenly we were confronted with a large group of visitors. And this at night time, go figure ! I started talking with some of them, they told me they were from a simulator club, called

Flight Simulator Club Belgium.


No less then three days later I became a member of their club. At their site I found they had a Forum, so I started posting and discovered that there are a lot of people busy with building their own cockpit or even a simulator that moves on one or more axis of movement.

I heard they had a lot of difficulties finding stuff to make a professional looking sim. This was the moment that I came up with the idea of becoming a provider of all parts needed for a cool looking and active flight simulator. Finished with the looks of a real cockpit. Due to the high financial investment needed to start up a business in these kind of parts this had to make way for aviation gadgets. But the selling of this stuff is also "finito". The only thing I offer you is free information, that's it!!

“Captain, your cleared for take-off !”.

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