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The ATA 100.

This chapter is designed like the subject , ATA 100. But what does it mean? The ATA 100 is the system used to dived an airplane in 100 topic. ATA stands for ďAir Transport Association of America Specification  Number 100.

Every part of any airplane is covered with in one of these 100 topics .

An example:
 * a wheel assy = ATA 32
 * an engine = ATA 71 true 80
 * a wing = ATA 57
 * fuel = ATA 28
 * air conditioning = ATA 21

This way itís much easier to retrieve the information of a specific system or part of any airplane of any airplane builder all over the world. Every topic is sub-divided in to the sub system and parts within each topic.

This info site is based on this system. So if you are looking for something go look in the ATA 100 index.

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