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Morse Code

Morse code is old you may say, and yes this is true. But it is the base for some communication systems.

The inventor:

Samuel Finley Breese Morse

A US-American painter and inventor  born 27 /04/1791 and lived till 02/04/1872. 
He was from 1827 till 45 president of the National Academy of Design in New York.

The first telegraph line, from Washington to Baltimore was build in 1843.

The first telegram ever: 27.5.1844.


A   .-

B   -...

C   -.-.

D   -..

E   .

F   ..-.

G   --.

H   ....

I   ..

J   .---

K   -.-

L   .-..

M   --

N   -.

O   ---

P   .--.

Q   --.-

R   .-.

S   ...

T   -

U   ..-

V   ...-

W   .--

X   -..-

Y   -.--

Z   --..

0   -----

1   .----

2   ..---

3   ...--

4   ....-

5   .....

6   -....

7   --...

8   ---..

9   ----.

Fullstop   .-.-.-

Comma   --..--

Query   ..--..

This is an example of a simple Morse Code Table.

What does Morse code get used for currently ?

Data transfer between two computers, a fax machine, and of course aviation in the early days specifically in the navigation.
The earliest radio navigation aid was the four-course radio range, which began in 1929. Four towers set in a square transmitted the letters A and N in Morse code. A pilot flying along one of the four beams toward the square would hear only an A or N in the dashes and dots of the code. The dashes and dots grew louder or more faint as he flew, depending if he was flying toward or away from one of the corners. Turning right or left, he would soon hear a different letter being transmitted, telling him which quadrant he had entered. The beams flared out, so that at certain points they overlapped. Where the A or N signals meshed, the Morse code dashes and dots sounded a steady hum, visualizing an audio course for the pilot. At least 90 such stations were in place by 1933, about 200 miles (322 kilometre) apart along the 18,000-mile (28,968-kilometre) system of lighted towers and rotating beacons. Unfortunately, mountains, mineral deposits, railroad tracks, and even the atmospheric disturbance of the setting sun could distort the signals.
The A & N are presently changed in FROM & TO in the VOR indicator. Mounted in a Cessna or Piper.  So you see, Morse code is more alive then ever before !  

In the beginning the system was of course used for communication over long distances. Here below you see some of the things they used to be able to transmit these signals. And a system layout drawing as well.


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