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We welcome you on our site. The SVS site! Here you can find aviation information about how airplanes work, you can watch aviation video clips, and can follow our simulation project. So if you are interested in aviation and/or simulation and games, you have come to the right place. Simbuilder.be is online, to supply aviation info, and give an inside view in our sim project, which in fact will be continued. You can follow these developments by visiting our site here or you can also check us at Facebook !!! On this brand new page, we post a lot of nice stuff. So check it out! And if you "LIKE" us, we'll keep you posted! ;-)

Our sim project called: Simbuilder's Virtual Sphere.

Our project is actually the first and main reason this site remained active. This flightsim project will be a complete new sim experience. Normally in DIY sim's you are unable to go beyond the usual flight sim capabilities,meaning the kind of sim that uses a moving platform. this will tilt in four direction with limited range. With Simbuilder's Virtual Sphere we are busy to do exactly that! To build a new type of DIY flight sim for private use only. One that is able to rotate 360į unlimited in every direction of movement (X,Y,Z). But a project of this magnitude has a lot of  problems to over come before the build of such a simulator can be started. The most obvious one is of course,...money!! Here we will deal with via sponsors. Second on the list is workspace to be able to setup a workshop thatís large enough! We had a workshop, but this one showed to be to small. It was just enough to build the scale model. There for we are moved to a new location, which has a larger workshop. The old one was 50m≤ with the ceiling at 3.2m , and weíll go to one of 120m≤ with the ceiling at 4.5m !! From 2001 to 2013 I planned to build the prototype in my workshop down stairs. But the walls were only 260cm from each other!!! I needed at least 3 meters

So in 2014 we bought an other house with a much larger workshop. 21m long, 6m wide, and 4m90 high. Large enough to accommodate the sim. From the first of March 2015 till approx June 2016 this house and workshop will be renovated. July 2016 we plan upon the start of the build of the sim. First a working scale model, and then with the necessary funds we can finally start upon the real thing! The Simbuildershop.com link is momentarily parked at our info site, but in the near future itís the plan of opening a second website in the shape of a web shop. And as you can see in the picture here above, the new shop is a fact!! The finishing touch of this workshop will take still some time, but eventually it will be the perfect location for creating THE BEST simulator ever build!! An at the same time other people are busy on updating Descent 3D to a new and improved version! Check out the Demo clip here below!! Buckle up pilots!! PREPARE TO DESCENT!!!


General Info.

My second priority and what I'm trying to accomplish with this site, is to build an aviation information site that meets every-oneís needs. You'll find updates at frequent intervals. Because of the fact that I'm an airplane engineer since 1996 I can refer to more then 20 years of experience in the field, hands-on! In that time I've worked on several airplane types, with three main types being; Boeing, Airbus, and Fokker. So if you need to know something about aviation, to be able to complete your sim project, fire away! I'll try answering with-in 24 hours.

Due to 9/11 issues, I don't go in depth on any airplane systems, for safety reasons, Iím sure youíll understand, but I'll try to give you some basic info to give you an answer on your question as good as possible.

So mail me your question at:  

And I  Don't hesitate to contact me, I'll try to answer your request ASAP

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