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Everything  that man ever build with a high complexity, he made sure of, he had some kind of back-up information. So when something broke down he could repair it. When he experienced malfunctions and other kind of difficulties, he performed some trouble shooting and investigated this defect  to come to a solutions that made the aircraft serviceable again. Note’s then were made for future reference, so similar  faults, could easily be rectified . All this info is written in the shape of manuals and within this, the ATA 100 code system is a helpful tool to able the mechanic to fast find the required info he is looking for.

An airplane is definitely a  highly complex mechanical and electronic transportation device! So certainly in aviation, manuals are an indispensable tool in maintenance, used for base and line maintenance.

Manual summery:

IPC: Illustrated Part Catalogue
AMM: Airplane Maintenance Manual
SRM: Structural Repair Manual
WDM: Wiring Diagram Manual
FIM: Fault Isolation Manual

These are some of the most used manuals in aviation maintenance today.

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