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ATA 23 Communications

ATA 23


This chapter is also very important, from in the beginning of aviation. And with the increase of airplanes in the air call it: “aircraft density”, communication is become a very handy and important tool for both the flight crew and the ground personnel (ATC).

Within this system:

There are two main uses for the verbal communication system being:

1. Internal communication between:
    1.1 flight crew internally.
      1.2 flight crew and the cabin crew.
        1.3 flight crew and the ground crew out side the plane, e.g.: during walk-out.

2. Flight crew to Air Traffic Control (ATC). On HF or VHF, more about this later in this chapter.

3. SELCAL (Selective Calling) between the ground operator and one out of a group of planes in the air, without it being necessary for the crews to constantly listen to the ground frequency. It’s the ground operator who “select” the plane he needs to talk to. It is only to attract the attention of the flight crew only when it is necessary.

4. PA or Public Address is a system to transmit an announcement, or instructions to the passengers. In addition it is also used to supply music!
5. VOICE RECORDER. Is in fact also a means of communicating, sadly enough in case something go’s wrong!

The High Frequency system:

Two systems allow two-way voice communications with ground stations or other aircraft.

The Very High Frequency system:

The system consists of two VHF systems installed on most planes, large airplane of course, those two systems are identical of each other, but work autonomously. The use of this system is the same as the above mentioned. But on a shorter range, in distance that is! (miles)


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