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ATA 12 Servicing

ATA 12


This chapter contains the most used information for maintenance personal. It handles all about replenishing everything thatís possible to be refilled. It contains also all maintenance checks on most systems on the airplane.

Hydraulics (ATA 29)
Oils (ATA 79)
Water (ATA 38)
Gasses (ATA 35)
Toilet fluids (ATA 38)
Fuel (ATA 28)

This are all possible substances who can be replenished. Some of them get refilled on a regular base, other on specific maintenance checks.

Hydraulic fluid, engine and APU oil, fuel, toilet fluid, and oxygen get checked on a daily basis. Other things like fire extinguishing gasses, nitrogen pressure inside hydraulic accumulators, etc. are all checked on specific checks. Like weekly checks (Airbus) or service checks (Boeing). Or at their A-check, B-check, C-check, or D-check. These checks are mandatory and depend upon the flight hours and or cycles.

Some aircraft designers put stuff like main- and nose gear wheel assy replacement also in this chapter. Other put it in the chapter of the system itself, so in this case ATA 32 for example. Any thing goís. So a little bit of advice, if you canít find it in the system ATA check this chapter then.

Lubrication of a lot of thing allover the plane are also handled per ATA, or per system. Unusual things like Air Data System draining. Cold Weather Maintenance topics per ATA. Hydraulic system flushing and/or cleaning, contamination checks in the fuel system.

So by now you understand what you can find within this chapter. Which is a lot of good information if you donít mind me saying!


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