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ATA 11 Placards & Marking

ATA 11

Placards and Markings.

The title says it all! Placards are used to supply information about various things allover the plane. Inside and outside. There are several groups of markings, placards, stencils.

1) Warnings.
It cane contain warnings like : “WARNING HOT AIR EXHAUST“. Or it's also possible they hang a notice in the chape of a tag like the "REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT" tag. Also take a look in the webshop for these tags.

2) Operations.
Explanations about the operation of a system in the vicinity of the placard.

3) Operation warnings.
Dies warning are made to supply flight crew and/or airplane engineers vital operation information to prevent any damage caused by wrong operation. 
For instance : “MAX DIFFERANTIAL PRESSURE * * PSI”. Used in the air conditioning system.

4) Maintenance warnings.
Dies warnings are made to provide vital information which can or will result in damage to the plane and/or maintenance personal if done otherwise.

5) Locations.
Zones, ribs, etc. are number with dies stencils. Also the hoisting, and jacking points all have a specific making at specific locations.

All dies marking are different for each airplane. Each constructor has a series of types of planes, like Boeing and Airbus for example, and even for each type there are different placards all over the aircraft. Within this chapter there is a good explanation how to install all those markings, stencils and placards.

The divergence between these are as follows;

Markings : usually in the shape of a sticker, so made of vinyl or plastic. On this the statement is printed. Done in red or black letters.

Stencils or decals :  this are only the letters who go on the surface, also used on PVC model airplanes. Usually white letters.

Placards : usually made of aluminum with strong glue on one side and the statement on the other. Normally used on surfaces who get hot. Black letters.


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