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ATA 05 Time Limits/Maintenance Checks

ATA 05

Time Limits/Maintenance Checks.

This chapter covers all life limits of all parts.

What are life limits?

Every part of an airplane may only be used for a curtain time, this is done to uphold a high level of Air Safety.
This in accordance with Airworthiness Authorities.

Within an airplane, all parts are affected by several sorts of stresses and forces. These stresses and/or forces cause internal damage or cause parts to age also known as metal fatigue. This cane become a serious danger to the airworthiness of any airplane concerning. Just imaging what would happen if these maintenance checks would not be done.

For example : an engine; after a curtain time of “flight hours” and/or “cycle’s” that the engine is installed under the wing, or another spot on the plane, his life time is expired also known as “time x” now he needs to be replaced with a new or overhauled engine. These hours and cycle’s are kept up to date in a data base. Which every airplane operator is obliged to keep. After the removal of the engine he is send to a company how in turn will overhaul this engine. Within this overhaul all parts that are worn will be replaced with new parts. After this inspection is finished the necessary paperwork is supplied. Now the engine is once again ready to serve.

Every operator therefore needs to perform curtain maintenance checks.

There are two kinds of maintenance checks :

Scheduled maintenance checks.

For instance every so many hours and/or cycle’s curtain checks need to be performed to keep the airplane’s validation of the airworthiness certificate.

Un-scheduled maintenance checks.

In the case of a abnormality in flight, like a lightning strike. Or during landing “hard landing”. The flight crew are obliged to write this in a technical log book also called “Trouble Report” or “TR” that always needs to be on board before any airplane can depart. The technician reads the “write-up” and knows which inspection he must perform in accordance with the maintenance manual.


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