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ATA 100

ATA 00


Within this chapter the manufacture will put all his general information about the Airplane Maintenance Manual(AMM), Illustrated Parts Catalogue (IPC), and all other manuals.

So in fact you normally never read this chapter. But they have to put it in to cover themselves in case of legal actions I suppose.

Also, in this chapter they explain the working of the ATA code system, and how they subdivide the chapters. So if anybody is using the information for the first time, everything is there to be able to use it in a proper and correct way.

Also, they describe the way the airplane configuration would be on the ground prior to commencing maintenance checks. To prevent any misunderstanding between the maintenance personnel and the manuals.

All definitions used in the manual are explained in this chapter. Conversion table's are also available in this chapter.

Finally, you understand that this chapter is a very helpful tool in the use of this manual.


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