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Drawing a Truncated Icosahedron.
P/ Drawing a truncated icosahedron with use of an EASY to use program.

S/ Stella4D is a free download program ideal for this, however, used as a free edition the functions are limited to the basic ones. With activation of a licensed version this can easily be solved.

Drawing a 3D Capsule.
P/ Drawing of a 3D version of the Capsules interior with an EASY to use program.

S/ Google SketchUp is a very nice solution for this problem, itís easy to use, lots of YouTube tutorials, and itís a FREE download!
Ok, you will need ďsomeĒ practice in using the basics, but this only a mater of a couple of hours. AutoCAD will take years, if you get my drift. wink

Drawing a regular pentagon with a predetermined edge length.
P/ Drawing a regular pentagon, with a predetermined edge length, is impossible on the regular method.

S/ The regular way to go about it, is to draw a circle with the use of a compass and subdivide this circle in five even parts. But this way you need to know the dimension of the circle in relation to the needed edge length. To be able to draw the pentagon with the correct dimensions. To difficult!

The alternate way is by use of help lines which go out of the pentagon area:

The construction consists of the following steps:
1. choose the length of line segment CD, the basis of the pentagon
2. construct the center M of CD
3. direct a perpendicular line out off D
4. construct DM on this perpendicular line, DN = DM
5. extend segment CN
6. circle from DN to N, just off of prolonged CN, CP = CN DN
7. extend perpendicular bisector of CD
8. circle CP out off C, A is the intersection with the perpendicular bisector of CD
9. from CD to circle through points A, C and D. This produces points B and E

Thanks to David E. Dirkse's website the pentagon is the correct size to be used in the build of the capsule in the truncated icosahedron shape.
Good luck with it!

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